Lucia Zamorano, M.D.

Lucia Zamorano, MD, FICS

Clinical Professor of Neurological Surgery. Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine. More.

New Spine Surgery in Michigan

The Michigan Brain and Spine Surgery Center is the first and only practice in Michigan offering the transforaminal endoscopic approach for discetomy and foraminotomy. This minimally invasive technique is an excellent option for patients with disc herniations and/or spinal stenosis.

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Robotic Spine Surgery

The Michigan Brain and Spine Surgery Center exclusively offers Robotically Assisted Endoscopic Spine Surgical Treatment in Michigan. Consistently Accurate Spine Surgery with the Mazor Robot ensuring highest levels of accuracy of implant placement. Latest and safest technology available.

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si-boneTreatment Options for Sacroiliac Joint Disorders

Joint Fusion Surgery, iFuse Implant, SI-BONE »

What Patients Are Saying

"Dr. Zamorano has completely changed my life. Over the years, I have been to many doctors. Since my auto accident, I have been treated by Dr. Zamorano and undergone two surgeries. I owe her all credit for my recovery."
Vera Jackson, Detroit, MI
"Dr. Zamorano treats me like I am part of the family. I have suffered from a brain tumor for years. Dr. Zamorano performed life saving surgery to keep my tumor from growing. My quality of life has increased and I owe her everything!"
Marjorie Earls, Sterling Heights, MI
"I had brain surgery from Dr. Zamorano, I wanted to thank her for being the only surgeon that had the skills needed for the surgery I had. Thanks Dr. Zamorano for all you've done for me, thank you to all the staff, friendly, professional and kind!"
Darry Beeman, Detroit MI
Dr. Zamorano takes the time to listen to my concerns regarding my recovery. I feel that she is focused on my complete care. I feel better on a daily basis and I see the end of treatment in sight. Thank you!"
Bryant Parker, Detroit, MI
"Dr. Zamorano has helped me tremondously. Without her my quality of life was greatly deminished. Since my surgery my pain has decreased immensely. My road to recovery is on its way. I highly recommend Dr. Zamorano, her clinic nd staff. She truly cares about her patients. Thanks Dr. Zamorano for all you've done for me, thank you to all the staff, friendly, professional and kind!"
Liz M.
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Professional Associations

Professional Associations

We are a member of American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the Better Business Bureau and other prominent organizations.